Superhuman is not a person: it’s a philosophy.

It’s based on the idea that technology has the capacity to give all of us superpowers – but only if we use it wisely. And we do that by putting people first.

People are the heart of every system – they buy our products, love our brand or business, work for us and do their best. Or not. If your vision or strategy doesn’t focus on people, the future doesn’t look quite as bright.

Yet, most businesses are not set up with this focus. They focus on numbers in spreadsheets – but these only show you what happened, not why.

Superhuman is about making connections for humans – with other people, with content, with products and services, brands and businesses. Superhuman enables and empowers people to do the things they need – and love – to do, and bring about sustainable success.


A concentrated dose of actionable knowledge for your digital business.

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed some themes in our engagements: from corporates to start-ups, across most industry verticals, our clients often encounter similar challenges. Everyone wants to improve their products and services. Everyone needs to innovate. But how? We’ve developed a series of seminars to designed to address a few of the most common themes.

All of the seminars take place on a single, intensively interactive day. That may not seem like a lot, but a day spent with the right tools, people and focus can make a big difference for your business.

We’ve seen a lot of great outcomes from our workshops, including:

  • Products defined where before there was only a vague technology-driven remit
  • Weaknesses uncovered, leading to a service pivot
  • Opportunities identified, leading to new lines of business
  • Traditional commercial models freshly translated to feel digitally native
  • Disorganised, demoralised teams finding fresh focus and direction

Find out more about the seminars HERE.

What we do

Elevate quality of thinking and design

Our work spans across industry verticals and also across the business lifecycle. We are particularly interested in where the digital and physical worlds intersect, the implications of data and personal ownership and responsibility, and how to put technology in the service of humans rather than the other way round. We do consulting engagements, and we design and facilitate seminars.

But we are not your average agency.

We believe that the old-school Design Agency’s days are numbered. More and more businesses now understand that excellence in design thinking, service design and user experience are critical success factors, and outsourcing critical success factors is not sustainable.

Still, building these competencies and operationalising strong human-centred thinking from strategy through to putting the product in the customer’s hand doesn’t happen overnight.

That’s where we come in.

We help businesses of all sizes assess the size and shape of their current challenges, and then we help solve them. The difference is that we work with our clients to operationalise methods and absorb learnings as we go, so that by the time our engagement is finished, they can carry on without being dependent on us.

We do this because we believe that elevating the overall quality of thinking and design lays the groundwork for even more innovative thinking, and that’s what we’re all about.

Though every engagement is unique, most are comprised of one or more of the elements below.

What’s the Point?

  • Vision & values
  • Organisational structure for startups, spinoffs & turnarounds
  • Brand strategy

What are we doing & why are we doing it?

  • Product & service strategy
  • Design leadership
  • Partnership strategy & matchmaking
  • Communication & marketing strategy
  • Business model & monetization strategy
  • Measurement strategy

Inside out, outside in

  • Team structure to achieve commercial strategy, support & deliver product
  • Services/support
  • Process engineering
  • Training

What’s next?

  • Trend-watching and reporting
  • Opportunity identification & prioritisation
  • Thought leadership
  • Partnership strategy & matchmaking

How we do it

We learn about your business, your challenges

Most consultancies demonstrate how they work with templates or an infographic made up of circles and arrows. Scratch beneath the surface and the model starts to look a little shaky. Superhuman doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach because each organisation is unique. And while there are similarities and lateral lessons to be learned, no two projects are exactly alike.

Superhuman is built upon 22 years’ experience of working at the intersection of people, technology and business needs. We listen, carefully. We learn about your business, your challenges – the good and the bad. Together, we discuss the next steps.

What is certain is our approach is always about value, never about jargon.

We design strategies, products, services and organisational structures that use digital technology to improve individual lives. We do this within businesses or governments to make a positive contribution to society, and achieve commercial results.

We’re collaborative and facilitative, using a range of methods from workshops with C-Suite executives to hands-on with design and development teams. We strive for relevance, too: documentation must be brief, fit-for-purpose, focused and enable action.

We are Superhuman


Louisa Heinrich – Founder

Louisa Heinrich is the Founder of Superhuman. She brings over 22 years’ total experience (17 in Digital), working with businesses and governments to design strategies, products, services and organisational structures that use digital technology to improve individual lives, make a positive contribution to society, and achieve commercial results.

She has held many titles, including Design Director in the first dotcom boom, Executive for Future Platforms at the BBC, and most recently Head of Strategy for international Service Design agency Fjord. She has led teams worldwide for multi-national businesses, is a thought leader and a recognised speaker on the intersection of people, technology and business.

She has worked with a broad variety of clients across most industry sectors – some names you might recognise are Nokia, Volksbank, Ericsson, Voddler, Procter & Gamble, Eli Lilly, Citibank, United Airlines, Daimler, and of course the BBC. Louisa blogs here, and is available for speaking engagements. You can also find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Ayman Maat – Partner

Ayman Maat is Design Director & Partner at Superhuman Limited. Since graduating from University College London with an MSc in Human Computer Interaction with emphasis on the relationship between personality trait and the constructs of acceptance, Ayman has practiced at some of the top design agencies in Europe.

In 11+ years leading international teams in the research and design of the end user’s experience in both the digital and physical environment, he has delivered cutting edge solutions for web, mobile, TV and specialist devices for clients operating predominantly in the Communications, Healthcare, Energy and Financial sectors. You can find him on LinkedIn here.

Superhuman also draws on a broad network of individuals as is needed and relevant to the task at hand. Below are a few of our regular collaborators.


Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

I’m an interaction designer, product designer & entrepreneur based in London. I have been focusing on consumer-facing internet of things products & services since 2005. I am the founder of the Good Night Lamp, a family of internet-connected lamps. I run designswarm, an internet of things design practice & consultancy and work with clients who want to design next generation connected products & help advise early stage smart products businesses. I am a co-founder of Internet of People, an agency for internet-of-things consultants. You can find her on Twitter / LinkedIn


Simon White

Simon is a creative and strategist, whose work is driven by a philosophy of innovation. He brings 16+ years advertising experience (digital, print, integrated – at a global level; 10+ years innovation consulting (digital, product and service) and 10+ years strategic and creative alignment. Over the past 16+ years, Simon has worked with many of the good and great in the London digital and integrated advertising scene, helping brands such as Sony, Audi, adidas and Philips make sense of the digital ecosystem and all it has to offer. Now working as a consultant for both agencies and their clients, his problem-solving skills span creative, strategy, UX and tech. You can find him on Twitter / LinkedIn

Tommy Rockett

Tommy Rockett

Rockett has over 20 years experience providing Design solutions for Print, Branding, Digital & Web. Beginning in the days of cowgum, scalpels and bromide, transitioning through the history of Apple products and conquering html from its infancy. Now finding himself working with a plethora of happy clients worldwide in a multitude of formats and disciplines. Rockett immerses himself in the creative journey, driving the project forwards, exploring the story, characters and plot to construct the perfect conclusion. Always committed to finding the right solution while injecting a healthy dose of fun. You can find him in space

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