Superhuman is not a person: it’s a philosophy.

It’s based on the idea that technology has the capacity to give all of us superpowers – but only if we use it wisely. And we do that by putting people first.

People are the heart of every system – they buy our products, love our brand or business, work for us and do their best. Or not. If your vision or strategy doesn’t focus on people, the future doesn’t look quite as bright.

We help you rethink, align, plan, design and lead your business with people in mind.

We call this HUMAN-CENTRED BUSINESS, and it’s what we do.


What we do

Helping you become a human-centred business

We have designed our offer to be modular. The pieces can fit together or stand alone; each delivers tangible value.

GET INSPIRED: Talks and Keynotes

Superhuman’s Founder, Louisa Heinrich, is a well-known speaker on a range of topics around the human aspects of technology, including the future of technology in society, AI, Big Data, Design Thinking, IoT and more. See some of her talks and book her here.

ALIGN: Strategic and Creative Workshops

Let us help you get everyone on the same page so that you can deliver on your vision and goals. We use a variety of methods including workshops, research and our own tried-and-tested frameworks to help you focus and communicate your vision and translate it into action.

KNOW WHERE YOU STAND: Evaluations and Assessments

What’s really working and what isn’t? Which of your products, services and strategies are helping you achieve your goals, and which need to be re-examined? Using methods such as heuristic product and service evaluation, user and stakeholder research, we will work with you to assemble an actionable picture of where you are and where you need to go.

SEE YOUR FUTURE: Trends and Futures

Are you thinking about setting off in a new direction? Wondering where some of the less obvious opportunities might lie? We can help. We use a combination of research methods to evaluate not just what’s happening today but the directions these trends could take in future, identifying actionable opportunities and directions that are a fit for your business, brand, vision and goals.

PLAN TO GO FASTER: Frameworks and Tools

Processes and methodologies like LEAN and AGILE are only part of what it takes to be quick and nimble. To really succeed, you need tools for decision making that will help you take decisions quickly without compromising your brand, vision or goals. Our set of frameworks will help you chart your course, from evaluating innovations to prioritising products and structuring teams to deliver.

PERFORM BETTER: Design and Strategic Leadership

We offer interim Design and Strategy leadership on a full-time or part-time retainer basis. Whether you’re getting a new business off the ground, redesigning a product or re-shaping a team, we can help. From hands-on design direction to leadership coaching, we suit the engagement to your needs.

THINK DIFFERENTLY: Creative Learning Sessions

We also offer day-long, highly interactive Learning Sessions around specific topics such as Product Design, Research & Insights and Systems Thinking. Find out more about these here.

How we do it

Human-centred all the way

Collaborative and constructive

We work hard to not only meet the goals we set together, but bring everyone along on the journey, aligning the top-down with the bottom-up.

We listen carefully and strive to understand your business, culture, passions, challenges and ambitions. We iterate with you to make sure we’re always on the same page. We are inspired by what we do and we want to inspire you, too.

Rigorous, not rigid

We suit our approach to the problem at hand. We work in short, iterative engagements, delivering tangible value at every stage. We work more quickly than most agencies and consultancies, because there are no unnecessary steps along the way.

Our tools and methods have been honed over 20 years of use. Though our approach is flexible, rigour is built into everything we do. We are inspired by the Scientific Method, and clearly articulate our hypotheses, assumptions and conclusions at every stage.

Low overhead, high value

We don’t believe in wasting time – yours or our own. We set and manage expectations carefully, so you’ll always know what we need from you and what to expect from us. Every interaction is structured to get maximum value with minimal load on your teams.

Our documentation is lean and fit for purpose: we don’t believe in filler or waffle. We strive to make everything as simple as possible – but no simpler.

We are Superhuman

Louisa Heinrich – Founder

Louisa is a design, strategy and innovation leader. Over the past 20 years, she has been part of the development of many technologies that are now considered commonplace. As design director during the first dotcom boom, Louisa led the design of some of the first digital consumer projects for banks, healthcare companies and government services. She was executive director for BBC future platforms when iPlayer was released. As global head of strategy for international design agency Fjord (now part of Accenture), she was responsible for trends and thought leadership, as well as working on award-winning projects such as Bonnier Media’s News Plus, which reinvented the newspaper for the touch-screen era. She founded Superhuman in 2013 to focus on the human aspects of the digital future, and works with clients large and small to align business planning and technology with the needs of real people.

Louisa is also a highly regarded speaker on topics such as the future of technology, technology and society, strategic and product development and planning, personal identity in the digital age, big data, screen-less interfaces (the IoT), AI and design education.

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Superhuman also draws on a broad network of individuals as is needed and relevant to the task at hand. Below are a few of our regular collaborators.


Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

I’m an interaction designer, product designer & entrepreneur based in London. I have been focusing on consumer-facing internet of things products & services since 2005. I am the founder of the Good Night Lamp, a family of internet-connected lamps. I run designswarm, an internet of things design practice & consultancy and work with clients who want to design next generation connected products & help advise early stage smart products businesses. I am a co-founder of Internet of People, an agency for internet-of-things consultants. You can find her on Twitter / LinkedIn


Simon White

Simon is a creative and strategist, whose work is driven by a philosophy of innovation. He brings 16+ years advertising experience (digital, print, integrated – at a global level; 10+ years innovation consulting (digital, product and service) and 10+ years strategic and creative alignment. Over the past 16+ years, Simon has worked with many of the good and great in the London digital and integrated advertising scene, helping brands such as Sony, Audi, adidas and Philips make sense of the digital ecosystem and all it has to offer. Now working as a consultant for both agencies and their clients, his problem-solving skills span creative, strategy, UX and tech. You can find him on Twitter / LinkedIn

Tommy Rockett

Tommy Rockett

Rockett has over 20 years experience providing Design solutions for Print, Branding, Digital & Web. Beginning in the days of cowgum, scalpels and bromide, transitioning through the history of Apple products and conquering html from its infancy. Now finding himself working with a plethora of happy clients worldwide in a multitude of formats and disciplines. Rockett immerses himself in the creative journey, driving the project forwards, exploring the story, characters and plot to construct the perfect conclusion. Always committed to finding the right solution while injecting a healthy dose of fun. You can find him in space

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