Get your business into human-centred shape


Superventions are a range of pre-packaged consulting engagements specifically aimed at startups.

“Everything you need to frame a business”
– Louis Warner, COO, Founders Factory

Your runway is limited and you need to make sure your product is right. And making a great product isn’t just about bringing your ideas to life – it’s about what customers find valuable.

We map your ideas and your product against market trends and customer needs, identifying win-win areas where both customers and commercials benefit, giving your product the best chance of success.

Superventions are available at three levels, all of which leverage the basic Superhuman Toolkit. Add-on modules are available to ensure you get the outcome you need.


Superventions for every stage of your business

Early Stage

You’ve got an idea. Maybe you’ve got some technology too. You’re onto something but the path is still somewhat hazy. We can help you sharpen your focus and clarify your proposition.

Practical outcomes

  • Clear boundaries for an MVP
  • Understanding of your customers, their needs and a framework for customer messaging
  • Substantive brief for UX and development teams
  • Stronger pitch for investors

Going to Market

The core of your proposition is defined and you’ve got a runway. Now you need to make sure the product that launches is the one that will win you the most customers and the best growth. We help you evaluate where you are and ensure your priorities and experience are set to deliver what your customers need.

Practical outcomes

  • Clear understanding of how the product meets the needs of your market (or doesn’t)
  • Re-)prioritised framework for delivering the best product/ market fit
  • Tools to prioritise planned and new features and functionality



Your product is in market but it hasn’t quite worked out as planned. You need to re-think where you’re going, and you need to do it quickly.

Practical outcomes

  • Revised outlook on the problem space and proposition
  • Understanding of how existing assets (intellectual, technical and otherwise) can be redeployed to create more value
  • Plan for re-development

Preparing to Scale

Your MVP has got some traction and it’s time to scale. This is a great time to assess your product and experience against the competition – making adjustments will never be easier than it is now, and small changes can bring big rewards.

Practical outcomes

  • Realistic look at how you measure up and where your opportunities are to ‘leapfrog’ the rest of the market
  • Strong framework for making decisions and prioritising new & planned features & functionality
  • Ability to measure success against real customer needs



It’s all about collaboration

1 | Working Sessions

We believe that collaboration is the key to moving quickly toward workable, sustainable solutions. Each Supervention includes at least two half-day working sessions.

In the first session, we get to know you, your product, your vision and where you are in your process. Based on this, we will recommend and agree the tools we’ll apply to your Supervention. And we’ll get started working with them right away.

In the second and third sessions (available in the M / L packages), we introduce further tools that build on the work we’ve done to date.

In the final session, we review the tools and frameworks we’ve drafted and work with you to create a plan for moving forward to deliver on your vision.

2 | Homework

Collaboration doesn’t end when we leave the room. We need your knowledge and expertise to provide input for our tools and analyses. At the end of each working session, we will agree Homework to take us forward – you provide input and we provide insight, analysis and structure.

We can’t deliver without you – this homework is every bit as critical as being present in the working sessions.

Our homework will be to frame your inputs in our tools, analysing and identifying gaps and opportunities as we go. Each Supervention includes enough time for us to get through a fixed number of tools.

Each Supervention also includes check-in time for us to review your inputs and give feedback or guidance where it’s needed.


3 | Delivery

At the conclusion of our final session, we’ll hand over all the completed tools to you, along with any other notes, photos or other materials we produced or captured during our time together.

All documents will be handed over in PDF and Omnigraffle and will be suitable for printing and hanging on the wall for reference.

4 | Ongoing Support (Optional)

Some of our clients elect to continue working with us on a retainer basis. Tasks involved in this might include periodic strategic or planning check-ins, help with organisation planning or screening and hiring staff, or more hands-on design leadership. These agreements can be discussed at the conclusion of our Supervention.



The biggest possible boost for your budget


2 tools

2 half-day working sessions


4 tools

3 half-day working sessions


6 tools

4 half-day working sessions




Download the info sheet PDF on Superventions and our Toolkit, or drop us a line at to get cracking!